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by Ron Edelstein, President of Ron's Rhinestones

Let me first say that it is very important to read descriptions, sizes and lengths before purchasing any jewelry online. Photos can be deceiving in terms of size. We always provide these important specifications on each product page on our site.

Most people think that jewelry is used to enhance an outfit. But many people do not know that the right kind of jewelry can be used to enhance a good feature, minimize a negative feature or even change the way you look.

For example, earrings can be used to compliment the shape of one's face. Long straight earrings will often minimize the appearance of a strong jaw. Shorter, earrings worn close to the face can be used to offset a long face. Please remember to select your earrings carefully. They may very well be your most important jewelry item. They can reflect light and flattering color onto your face.

The longest necklace a large-chested woman should wear is 22 inches. Any longer and it starts to puddle in the cleavage. Large pieces, worn close to the neck can compliment a larger bustline and take the focus away from it. Very long thin chains will work well with someone who is a bit flat chested. Remember the flappers?

Chokers, especially, can hide a multitude of sins, when those sins are located in the neck area. But be careful to make sure that the width of your choker is appropriate to the length of your neck. A very wide choker will only exaggerate a short neck.

Bracelets emphasize the hands. If you have good hands, a smaller, thinner bracelet will bring the eye towards your hands, especially if you are wearing a ring or two. But a larger bracelet will draw the eye away from the hand. A good camouflage if you need one.

Did you know that rings make the arms look longer? But be careful not to wear more than three at a time. It is much too distracting and too heavy.

Of course, selecting the right jewelry, that both compliments you and well as your clothes is very important.

For day, especially for business, jewelry should be small. It should never overpower the person wearing it or generate more attention then the person. There is nothing more distracting then watching a woman wearing lots of noisy bangles make a business presentation.

For evening, one can be a lot more daring. The right jewelry can turn a plain dress into something you can wear to a gala affair. In fact, a simple dress is best complemented by something a bit more extravagant. Consider a necklace or a fabulous bracelet. A very fancy dress, especially one with lots of sparkles, probably does not need anything more than a fabulous pair of earrings. Too much glitz works against you, too.

Generally, follow this rule: Earrings and necklace. Or necklace and bracelets. Or bracelets and earrings. But not all three at once.


Keep in mind is that your jewelry is more flattering if it is the appropriate size for your body. If you are a short or petite woman, stay away from long necklaces or earrings that will diminish your height and drag your look down. If you are a curvy gal, do not wear small pieces that will only get lost on your larger frame. As with clothing, fit is KEY. If you have a round face or short, heavy neck, stay away from shorter necklaces. A necklace with some length, 20" or longer, can draw the eye away from the chin and neck area creating a leaner appearance. Our Plus Size Collection has many great items that will work. If you want more style, then layer the necklaces or choose a multi-strand necklace. Long earrings can also appear to trim and lengthen this area, but not recommended for short women. What's important here is to keep it longer than it is wide. If you have the opposite body type, a long thin neck or if you are short in height, then you would want to wear shorter strands or collars around your neck and shorter earrings for the most flattering look. Necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from 14 inch dog collars that wrap high around the neck to dramatic 45 inch long (or longer) ropes. What necklace you wear depends not only on what type of neck you have but also on what clothing you are wearing.

Finally, for those who are lucky enough to become brides, consider the following:

The bride's jewelry, along with her other accessories, should reflect the formality of the wedding celebration. A small, informal wedding calls for simple jewelry, while a large, formal wedding calls for more elaborate jewelry. Certain pieces of jewelry are considered more traditional than others. Diamond stud earrings suggest elegance, along with classic pearl necklaces and bracelets. Pearl jewelry, a symbol of purity and innocence, is the most popular choice by brides.

Always put your jewelry on after putting on make-up and hair products

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