In 1997, I started my first website, Ron's Rhinestones @ At the time, digital photography was not perfected and I spent a fortune paying for my first 50 images to upload to my new website.

Things have changed radically as we all know. In later years, I developed a keen interest in photographing my own product shots for my websites. No one understand my products like I do. I design most of my jewelry and have my wigs made mostly from my own prototypes. I currently specialize in jewelry and wig photographs. I currently own and operate 10 websites which are all sales and product driven. My track record is excellent in terms of sales, marketing and merchandising.

I am interested in working with companies and individuals that want quality digital photos to help them sell their products on the internet. Here is some of my portfolio via Flickr:

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I have been online selling merchandise for the past 13 years. What I have learned from this exceptional experience is that is all about the clarity and design of the photographs. Website with bells and whistles are fine but you really want SALES! I am available to create product photograhy for you which will be your own copyright.
Please feel free to contact me
or call me at 1-800-299-2185.
Sometimes a great business needs a little push in the right direction.

Warmest Regards, Ron
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I began drawing portraits at the age of 10. As an adult, I have attended Pratt Institute and Parson's School of Design in New York in order to perfect my craft.

Each of my drawings are made completely by hand. My interpretations are unique and contemporary. I work in a combination of colored pencils, ink and charcoal but am flexible as to overall color scheme and can customize each portrait to your specifications, including size.

I work directly from photographs so distance is not a problem. My portraits make great unique gifts, beautifiul tributes and special keepsakes.

Consider a portrait of a loved one, a friend or even yourself.

Each portrait is signed and dated.

You can email me below for pricing and schedule.

Illustrations, Photographs and Website Designs are ©Ron Edelstein 2013